Monday, December 5, 2011

Introduction: A Special Thanks to Kingfisher!


Every piece of literary work needs some form of inspiration. Be it an artistic masterpiece, a novel, a fluid poem or even an amateur blog, everything comes from that tiny spark in the head which grown like a disease until you finally let go of your inhibitions and bring out the magic. And who would have thought that an almost defunct-airline would be responsible behind this blog?

The Indian Consumer is trying to set out to do what leaders of the great nation of India have not done yet. And no, by that I don't mean to shoot Justin Beiber or to expel Kamaal R. Khan from this country but to address the complaints of the common man. Each and every day we execute our regular routine, get harassed by many and yet bear it all like nothing has happened. Be it bad roads, poor infrastructure, companies that don't seem to care about the very people that fund their chairman's lavish lifestyle, products that break before you make the purchase or your doodhwala not coming in the morning on time, we accept everything and maybe worse. That said, the blog is not for my rebellious outbursts but would include a lot of brands that have lived up to expectations and have delighted or overwhelmed customers.

I may not be able to change everything, I may not be able to improve yours and my lifestyle but I can try. If we can all stop tolerating and in some form or the other stand up to the injustice and bring about awareness, we might be able to improve something. Its a try, creating a blog is free, I have frustration to vent out, I have spare time in-between creating marketing pitches and you, my dear reader, is more than willing to read (at least that is what I think it is).

So, what has Vijay Mallaya's Kingfisher Airlines got to do with all this? Well lets just say they helped me reach a breaking point. That point in your head when you feel like getting out, taking control, slapping every idiot on the road, shaking up every lazy corporate employee, the point when the Bhagat Singh in every one of us comes alive. Thanks a lot Kingfisher, but don't fly away so soon. Please read my second post before you do so, I really would appreciate it :)

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