Monday, December 12, 2011

Tikona: Sales team harrasment

The search for an alternative broadband Internet service provider began. The local cable operator was unprofessional, lacked any service commitment and never really cared. A quick Google search and some common knowledge made me visit a handful of known and reputed companies that provide the service. The companies being Airtel, MTS, Sify, Reliance, Tikona and a few more whose names I really cant remember right now. A few companies were shortlisted on the basis of the information provided on the website and a sales request was put in. To my major surprise, the bigger players like Airtel never reverted to my request on the website and to my utter disgust the only person who reverted was Tikona, and how!

I get a call the next day from a Tikona sales person and an appointment is fixed. Within the due course of the day another 4-5 sales persons keep calling me trying to get an appointment to come home. What ired me the most was a particular sales representative who has taken up the words 'never give up' a little too literally and constantly kept calling, refusing to hand up the phone in spite of me losing my temper. So much so, he intended to come home unannounced and went as far as to threaten or blackmail me (whichever way you put it) citing that he is the sole after-sales and technical support person within my area and suggested that he would not co-operate with me if the sales lead was given to someone else. Disgusted, I cancelled all my intentions of taking a connection with Tikona and the change of service provider has been shelved indefinitely.

Issue Summary:
1. Companies not responding to Internet inquiries
2. Tikona 'selling' personal details to freelance sales persons who are capable to walk right up to your doorstep unannounced
3. A particular sales person who constantly harasses and blackmails customers

No formal complaint with Tikona was launched after this situation. The only outcome was that I got irritated and decided to continue with my current service provider for the time being until I manage to get the mental energy to search for another one. And yes, I would prefer to stay as far away as possible from Tikona!

Share your experiences with Tikona or any other Internet service provider below.

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