Monday, January 9, 2012

Matrix Cellular: Unauthorised contract extension

Matrix cellular became popular for its international sim card services where travellers from India could purchase sim cards with an international number from India itself and thus promising to ease the cellphone dilemma whenever one travels abroad.

I recently undertook a year long stay in the UK and decided to avail the services of Matrix. The sales representative promptly arrived, led me through the formalities and I had a working sim card in my hands withing a few hours' time. I had signed a one year contract that was slated to end on Sept, 2011 which I assumed that Matrix would self-terminate upon the completion of the contractual date.

I received a pleasant surprise when Matrix generated a bill for the entire month of September and October and expected me to pay it. A call to their call centre revealed that until and unless I ask for a termination of contract, the bills would continue to be generated and in order to terminate the same, I must send an email to the concerned department requesting for it. Although a bit flustered at their cheek in extending the contract without intimation, I sent an email as told to me and included the clause that I would be unwilling to pay any amounts due after the official completion of the contract date and a fresh bill with these amendments be sent to me at the earliest. A confirmation of the same was received by Matrix and I assumed the chapter to be closed.

To my horror, a subsequent bill for the month of November was raised. At this point I decided to ignore any communication from Matrix. I had done my part in informing them for termination which they have sadly failed to execute. Constant telephone calls were received by my father from Matrix, demanding he pay the outstanding bill amount. After explaining to every possible person who made the calls, the bills continue to float in, till this day.

The comments section would prove that Matrix attempted to get in touch with me to resolve the issue. They claim that the contract contains a clause where the connection 'rolls over' to a monthly basis after the contract term expires, which I found hugely absurd. After agreeing to pay off their outstanding, Matrix amazingly screwed once more by generating an incorrect amount and attempted to claim payment for bills already paid. The issue is finally resolved with Matrix waving off any outstanding amount.

Issue Summary:
1. Non-termination of services after expiry of contract
2. Non-termination of services after requesting for the same
3. Continued harassment for bill payments

To begin with, Matrix isn't very cheap unlike the way they advertise themselves. Their charges are ridiculously expensive and far cheaper services in UK like Lebara, Lyca, Vonage etc. sell for 1/20th price that Matrix charges. Their back-end services are ridiculous and it is above me on how the company could continue to raise bills even after the expiry of the contract date. I would strongly advise all travellers to refrain using Matrix services and rather purchase sim cards from their destination country itself.

It is disheartening to see such large organisations blunder in such a manner, not once but multiple times. Issues such as bill payments are sensitive to the consumer especially if the commodity is expensive. Although Matrix did waive off the outstanding as an act of good faith, the scar still remains.

If you have any similar concerns about Matrix or any telecom operator, feel free to mention it in the comments section below.


  1. Dear Mr. Tibrewala,

    It was nice talking to you.

    As discussed, we are resolving your concerns and hope, this clarifies the matter.

    Thanks for your kind co-operation.


  2. Dear Mr. Tibrewala,

    We have resolved the matter up to your satisfaction and hope this addresses your concern. We appreciate your kind co-operation in the resolving the issue.

    Looking forward to your continued support and relationship.